At ShipDaddy, we are honored to be your partner in business.
We’ve designed our operation with direct customer communication as the essential element to having a successful partnership.
We cherish your business and do all that we can to support the growth of our clients.

Let us WOW as we serve with excellence!

Customer Service

ShipDaddy designed our entire warehouse operation around YOU!

We’ve perfected customer service by having a dedicated account representative on the floor with your product at all times. Want to talk about returns, freight, or inventory? We’re only a call or text away!  

Dedicated account representatives are key to customer happiness, and we’ve built our company around this principle from the very first package shipped.

Your business is precious, and we intend to grow with you through dedicated teamwork, transparent pricing, and masterful fulfillment.
This is our promise to you.

Referral Program

ShipDaddy is always looking to build personal relationships with our customers, distributors, and strategic partners.

Our company prides itself on doing right by our supporters, which is why we created the highest paying referral program in our industry.

Check out the different ways you can make money by championing ShipDaddy and sending business our way

Per Label Commission
Our customers love ShipDaddy, and our strategic partners can’t stop recommending us because we are masters of fulfillment! ShipDaddy will pay generous commissions for high tier signed clients up to 10,000$.

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Lead Generation
Do you have a few friends who dabble in eCommerce? Do you excel in marketing online? Do you have experience building a sales funnel?

Join our lead generation team from anywhere on the globe today.
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Content Collab
We love to work with others to create content and share our knowledge base. If you want to pair up to write blogs, make social media content, or even just talk about industry best practice, we are always down to collab! ShipDaddy loves nothing more than creating and building bonds with passionate people in eCommerce.

Get paid to be creative with ShipDaddy.
Content Collab
We always encourage our customers needing a fulfillment solution to use ShipDaddy.
It is a win-win for us because our customers get a top-notch 3PL and we get extra money in our pockets.
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Do you aim for excellence in everything that you do?
Are you ready to join a dedicated team THAT is always pushing each other to be the best version of themselves?
What superpower talents do you have?
How can you build an empire with ShipDaddy?
If you’re the type who refuses to be outworked, we’d love to talk to you. Send us your resume, cover letter, phone number, and a list of your greatest dreams and be ready for a unique interview!

Our Story

We’re proud of our origin story. We began as an eCommerce company that was unable to find a fulfillment partner that we trusted with our detailed orders and large inventory. After more research, we decided to do it ourselves.

We called our best friend Brady, a Marine Corps veteran, to take over the fulfillment aspect of our business. His excellence, discipline, and reliability was something we knew we could grow a new business around.

Learn more about how we turned him into the ShipDaddy logo and grew from there!
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