Same Day Fulfillment, Unbeatable Customer Service.

ShipDaddy's 3PL fulfillment service offers omnichannel order fulfillment and same day shipping for direct-to-consumer eCommerce brands.

We handle the heavy lifting of picking, packing, and shipping orders so you can focus on growth.

✔  Omnichannel warehousing & fulfillment services

✔  Transparent, easy to understand pricing
✔  Orders pack and ship same-day
✔  Discounted shipping rates
✔  Dedicated Slack channel for instant support

Kyle Bergman
ShipDaddy has been an incredible partner to our brand. What makes the team so special is their commitment to customer service. As fellow eCommerce brand builders themselves, ShipDaddy’s entire team has a sense of empathy that most 3PL companies can’t even comprehend. By far the best fulfillment partner we’ve ever had.

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How It Works

Connect your eCommerce store(s) to ShipDaddy’s web-based software in a few simple clicks. Your team will be able to oversee multiple store locations in one easy to use web portal.
Ship your product to ShipDaddy. Our warehouse team will take over the fulfillment side while you manage and edit orders, oversee inventory levels, receive notifications for stock replenishment, and automate shipping tasks.
Your dedicated account team will always be one Slack message away while your product is pick, packed, and shipped, same day, to all of your happy customers!
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Unmatched Customer Service

We take the guess work out of customer service by providing instant communication with a dedicated account team who manages your day-to-day fulfillment. ShipDaddy uses Slack to create direct messaging channels between customers and their dedicated account team.

No longer will you need to submit a support ticket or hope for a timely email response. Get the top-tier customer service you deserve with instant communication on inventory updates, order changes, and account related questions!

Warehouse Services 

Same Day Fulfillment
ShipDaddy’s same day fulfillment cuts down on lengthy shipping and delivery time to customers. With an average pick, pack, and ship time of 12 hours, your orders will get out the door faster and leave your customers happier.
Dedicated Storage
Our 140,000 square foot warehouse facility provides ample space to store your goods. ShipDaddy's monthly storage agreement allows you to comfortably store your inventory for an amount of time that works for you without feeling trapped by a long-term contract.
International Shipping
Leverage ShipDaddy's negotiated shipping rates to ship your orders around the globe. We offer both DDU and DDP shipping options at standard and expedited speeds.
Crowdfunding Campaigns
ShipDaddy makes crowdfunding fulfillment simple with no cumbersome setup or integration fees. We work with you in advance of your campaign to help you plan accordingly. Once ShipDaddy receives your inventory, we immediately pick, pack, & ship all orders for your backers to enjoy.
LTL Freight Services
Booking LTL freight is easy with ShipDaddy's streamlined freight booking service. Provide our operations team with the shipping details for your shipment and they will take care of the rest.

Transparent Pricing

ShipDaddy is transparent and upfront in everything we do. No more hidden fees and or mystery surcharges. We provide a simple pricing structure and far greater cost savings than you will find anywhere else.

ShipDaddy’s software compares real-time negotiated carrier rates allowing you to always choose the best rate for your shipping needs. Request a consultation below to schedule a pricing call with a ShipDaddy team member!
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